Reach – S Club 7

Link to song Yet again, back to my 90's roots! Recently, I've gotten back into re-listening to all my favourite childhood songs and it's given me a whole new appreciation for the songs as a whole. As cheesy as it is, I still love S Club 7 probably about as much as I did when … Continue reading Reach – S Club 7


I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders

Link to song This one has to be dedicated to my partner. I haven't had the best couple of weeks, to put it lightly. Now I'm not complaining. Everyone can expect some hardships from time to time, that's life, and I understand that. But that doesn't mean that I can always function throughout it. Which is why … Continue reading I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders


Dear readers, I apologise for not being able to upload a post this week but I have been too ill to write today. Looking forward to being back up and writing again next week!


Don’t Rain on my Parade – Funny Girl

Link to song Last weekend, I achieved something. I stood up to my (previously) crippling fear of public speaking, and I gave a paper at my MA conference in front of my peers. Before then, I had been a nervous wreck when forced to speak publicly (which was seldom anyway, seeing as I avoided it … Continue reading Don’t Rain on my Parade – Funny Girl


Welcome to Oblivion – Madina Lake

Link to song I love this song so much; it is my favourite Madina Lake song for so many reasons. Firstly, I just love the way that it sounds. Particularly the drumbeat, I think it is just awesome. It is one of those songs that I want to sing really loudly, and I often do! But it … Continue reading Welcome to Oblivion – Madina Lake


I’ll Cover You – RENT

Link to song In honour of Valentine's Day (better late than never), I knew there was only one song that I could pick for this blog post. I'll Cover You is another song from RENT which, as mentioned last week, is my favourite musical. But it is not just my favourite musical. It means a hell of a … Continue reading I’ll Cover You – RENT


Love Heals – Jonathan Larson

Link to song This song is included on the album soundtrack to my favourite musical, RENT. The lyrics are simply beautiful, and the imagery is gorgeous. The harmonies are so well-performed and Larson is one of the greatest song writers that I have ever come across. But more than that, I have found the messages … Continue reading Love Heals – Jonathan Larson