Ideology – Billy Bragg

Link to song This one's a special one. Firstly, because there is a big difference between ideology and reality a lot of the time. Ideologically, I would have enough time to spend a suitable proportion of each day dedicated to all of the commitments I have. Realistically, however, there are nowhere near enough hours in the day … Continue reading Ideology – Billy Bragg


It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

Link to song I feel like this song is particularly apt for me at the moment, because I had a piece of misfortune yesterday that kind of ruined my work ethic and demotivated me massively. In my spare time, I do freelance work for Rowanvale Publishers. I have spent hours meticulously editing a piece of … Continue reading It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

Holiday – Madonna

Link to song I can’t say that this is a particularly good song, nor one that I really listen to an awful lot, but I definitely wanted an upbeat and appropriate song to celebrate the fact that I am currently enjoying a holiday of my own. My partner and I are on a week-long caravanning … Continue reading Holiday – Madonna


Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Link to song Recently, my partner and I have been playing Rayman Legends, and we are in love with the music levels. It wasn't until the third one of these, Mariachi Madness, that we realised that the levels were parodying real songs, and Mariachi Madness's muse was Eye of the Tiger. This song also has ties to Supernatural … Continue reading Eye of the Tiger – Survivor



My apologies for not posting a blog yesterday, but I have been having a brief sojourn in hospital and was unable to write a post. I am hoping to be back and writing for next Wednesday! Have a fantastic week everybody!


Something’s Coming – West Side Story

Link to song This song has great energy to it. It builds anticipation and happiness in a way that I have rarely seen songs do. And at the moment, it means something even bigger to me, because I’m waiting for something. I’m waiting for news about whether I have been accepted to study the course … Continue reading Something’s Coming – West Side Story


I Know It’s Over – The Smiths

Link to song How could I do a music blog with mentioning The Smiths?? That would be blasphemy! The Smiths, as I have mentioned previously, are my joint favourite band. They are unlike anything else I have ever encountered, and I am immensely grateful that they have graced the world with their music. But anyway. … Continue reading I Know It’s Over – The Smiths