Ideology – Billy Bragg

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This one’s a special one. Firstly, because there is a big difference between ideology and reality a lot of the time. Ideologically, I would have enough time to spend a suitable proportion of each day dedicated to all of the commitments I have. Realistically, however, there are nowhere near enough hours in the day or days in the week. Following on from that logic, ideologically, I would like to continue posting a blog every single week, but realistically, it is no longer going to be plausible for me to do so.

It is for that reason that I have to inform everyone that this is to be my last weekly post. I have a lot of commitments at this point in my life and it is only reasonable that I prioritise. So of course, when I have a spare moment, I may always wish to upload a little something to this blog, but it will be by no means regular.

But enough of that, Billy Bragg! He is an artist whom I admire a hell of a lot. His songs are catchy and always have a great message, as well as some clever lines. With the state of the world right now, Ideology seemed like a rational choice of song.

I often don’t discuss politics publicly, I think that it causes unnecessary divides of opinion that can easily get out of hand. But right now, I despair to see who is in power. And not just in the UK, but pretty much worldwide. I congratulate the likes of France and Canada on electing leaders who I am thoroughly in support of, but I simultaneously have to pity other nations who do not seem to have the same luck.

I respect a nation’s right to elect whoever they wish, of course, but I often wonder what it says about modern society to see people like Trump voted into power. Obviously, Billy Bragg was not writing Ideology during the 2016 presidential campaigns, but I feel that he might as well have been.

Similarly, every single day I receive more news of the latest things that Theresa May has said and pledged, and I feel sick. She is not the sort of leader that I want running my country. She does not get to speak on my behalf and claim that it is what is best for me. I doubt she would regard the voice of the people even if it was spoken through the mouth of God himself.

Ideologies are always clashing. It’s a fact of human nature. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and everyone’s opinion is valid. But when more hurtful and disrespectful opinions are leaving someone’s mouth than respectful and tolerant ones, then you do have to wonder if some people’s opinions are slightly more ‘valid’ than others…


2 thoughts on “Ideology – Billy Bragg

  1. Excellent choice to finish with. It’s a shame because your blog has been inspiring, enlightening and interesting; like the songs or not……..


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