It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

Link to song

I feel like this song is particularly apt for me at the moment, because I had a piece of misfortune yesterday that kind of ruined my work ethic and demotivated me massively. In my spare time, I do freelance work for Rowanvale Publishers. I have spent hours meticulously editing a piece of work over the past few days, correcting the grammar, spelling, putting in my suggestions, etc. etc. And then yesterday afternoon, I finally finished it. I was proud to have completed the task before the deadline, so that I could focus on working hard on my MA assignments before they are due in next week.

I closed the document so that I could rename the file appropriately, only to find out that my file had disappeared completely. After further hours of me and my partner trying fruitlessly to recover my file, I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to redo all of it. Hours upon hours of my time completely wasted. All of my ideas and corrections that I found the first time just gone, without any backups.

Yes, I know what you may be thinking, ‘who doesn’t create backups?? It’s your own fault’. I am painfully aware of that, and that is what made me so deflated. Essentially I have no-one to blame but myself. So, last night was a long night of me alternating between trying to gracefully accept my fate, and bemoaning my many looming deadlines and rejigged hectic schedule.

But this morning, alas, I am a new woman. I woke up completely ready to re-edit the text and try even harder to complete it within a suitable time frame. I figured that whilst it sucked that I am in this situation, the only solution is to grit my teeth and get the hell on with it. The working world doesn’t often accept excuses, and when there are a few days left until my deadline, an excuse won’t do.

I like listening to ‘It’s Time’ when I’m feeling unmotivated. First of all, I love how it sounds, it is my favourite Imagine Dragons song. Second of all, it gets me back into a positive frame of mind. Having to work for the things you want isn’t a bad thing, it’s just proof of your passion and dedication. I was singing the song in my head and thinking, ‘How good is it going to look when I turn these in and mention that I’ve had to do them twice over in the time span?’. And who knows, I may benefit from a second and third read, finding things that I missed before. There’s always a silver lining somewhere!

But at the same time, I’m not ashamed of sometimes becoming disheartened. Nobody likes to feel as if they have wasted their time. Plus, there’s the panic of ‘what if it goes the opposite way and I actually see less mistakes than last time?’. I won’t apologise for my reactions and thought processes, but I will work through them and resolve them as best I can.

So, whilst I love talking about the songs I enjoy listening to, I have some major editing to do, so I’d best be off and I’ll see you next Wednesday!


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