Holiday – Madonna

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I can’t say that this is a particularly good song, nor one that I really listen to an awful lot, but I definitely wanted an upbeat and appropriate song to celebrate the fact that I am currently enjoying a holiday of my own. My partner and I are on a week-long caravanning holiday in Aberystwyth, and it is wonderful.

The views in Mid Wales are absolutely stunning and the weather, for the most part, has been decent. It’s so wonderful to get away from the city for a bit and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. It is rare for me to be able to go away on a break and not feel stressed about all of the things that I need to get done when I go back home!

Going on a holiday like the one we are on is nice because there is much less stress than going abroad, and seeing all of the local sites and finding local pubs and restaurants can be incredibly rewarding. Living in Cardiff, it is sometimes difficult to appreciate the Welsh life fully because it is so metropolitan, but things are completely different here in Aberystwyth.

This is also mine and my partner’s first holiday together and it is very special for us as we both used to go on caravanning holidays with our families when we were small. Being here is bringing back a lot of positive memories for the both of us and we are only making more as the week goes on.

My favourite day so far has been our day today when we travelled around the centre of Aberystwyth. The sun was shining and we took a scenic walk through the quaint streets of the town (and up and down many tough hills!) to visit the National Library of Wales. The building itself is gorgeous! And of course, being a raging bibliophile it was a dream come true to visit. We managed to see an exhibition on Edward Thomas and view his original diaries and manuscripts and lots of paintings detailing important elements and figures from Welsh history.

Then we walked back through the town looking at the famous multicoloured houses close to the promenade. We sat for a while on the promenade looking out at the rolling sea and taking in the sea air which was really refreshing and invigorating. It is crazy how much of a lift it gives to your spirit when you are so used to city air! We ate fish and chips on a wooden bench surrounded by hungry seagulls and had a laugh when a seagull nicked my partner’s sausage (no innuendo intended!). Then we finished off the day by playing on the amusements on the pier. It was such a carefree and fun day and I am genuinely struggling to remember a time when I have been this consistently content.

So yeah, ‘Holiday’ may not be the greatest song in the world, but the sentiment certainly rings true with me right now!


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