Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Link to song

Recently, my partner and I have been playing Rayman Legends, and we are in love with the music levels. It wasn’t until the third one of these, Mariachi Madness, that we realised that the levels were parodying real songs, and Mariachi Madness’s muse was Eye of the Tiger.

This song also has ties to Supernatural which I share with some of my best friends, so the song is associated with a lot of happiness and fond memories for me. I hadn’t listened to it in a very long time before it came back up on the game, and with my illness last week I felt it came at a poignant moment.

Firstly, because being back home and playing games with my partner again is proof that I am myself again and that I have made a full recovery. But secondly, it seems fitting to be reminded of how much strength it takes to fight my illness.

I am a type one diabetic, and whilst most of the time this doesn’t bother me day-to-day, just one virus can mean serious trouble. On the Sunday, I was up and about, eating and drinking normally, cleaning and completing my exercises and then on the Monday, I was too ill to keep anything down. When my ketones are at a level of 3.0 I am considered a medical emergency, and mine reached heights of 4.3. On a normal day, this number would be 0.

It was another horrible hospital experience but this time, I truly think I am mature enough to learn properly from the consequences. Listening to Eye of the Tiger again after so long made me realise that I am doing a much better job of doing everything that I can to avoid this situation happening again. I am forgoing any laziness and complacency that I may have picked up in my 21 years of dealing with my condition, and I’m treating it responsibly every second of every day, possibly for the first time in my life.

I want to be able to say that I look after myself, and that I fight hard to maintain the level of health that any person without my condition would achieve. I do have the will to survive, I am a fighter and I won’t let my condition beat me. I’ve spent too much of my time wishing to be normal, and not enough time doing something to make it happen. But I’m rising up, I’m back on my feet, and I’ll keep on fighting.


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