Something’s Coming – West Side Story

Link to song

This song has great energy to it. It builds anticipation and happiness in a way that I have rarely seen songs do. And at the moment, it means something even bigger to me, because I’m waiting for something.

I’m waiting for news about whether I have been accepted to study the course that will lead me to my dream career. And I have absolutely no idea when that news will arrive. It’s terrifying, and it’s exciting, and it’s excruciating.

But, listening to this song gives me hope and calms my nerves a little bit. Because the fact is that, although I don’t know exactly when, the news is coming to me at some point; I simply have to be patient.

It’s such an optimistic song, which is another reason why it is giving me comfort. Even if I receive the news, and it is not what I want to hear, something else will come up. There will always be other opportunities, and I have plenty of other things in my life that make me happy. One decision isn’t the be all and end all of my life, or my career. This song will continue to apply for as long as I want it to, until I get my career and even afterwards. There is always another goal to head towards and something else to achieve.

There are so many paths to explore, so many possibilities that the world can provide and so much room for happiness in the world that something good is always down the road, just maybe from a different direction than you expected.

I might get on to my course, or I might not, and the decision will impact me emotionally. But hopefully, whether positive or negative, this song will find a new meaning for me after I find out. I want this song to be with me always; no matter my age or my situation, I always want to believe that something better is coming.


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