I Know It’s Over – The Smiths

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How could I do a music blog with mentioning The Smiths?? That would be blasphemy! The Smiths, as I have mentioned previously, are my joint favourite band. They are unlike anything else I have ever encountered, and I am immensely grateful that they have graced the world with their music. But anyway.

Although this is not the first song that I was introduced to by The Smiths, in fact I came across it rather late in comparison to their others, it is one of my favourites. The gloominess of it, and the way in which Morrissey sings it, is so evocative that I can’t help but be drawn to it above some of the others.

Whilst it is not a cheery or upbeat song, I still love the lyrics (as I do with all Smiths songs). I usually listen to it when I am having a tough time getting over something that has happened. It reminds me that it is not easy to let go of something that you are passionate about or care for. As any regular readers have probably noticed, I am a fan of songs which remind me that being human is normal! But that’s just what I take from it, obviously that is not the only, or even the correct, interpretation. I think that is what I find so wonderful about music. Just like with books, people can take different things from different songs. It can be dependent on your current situation, or things that have happened in your past. Or you might just innocently sing, only to later on discover what the song is really about (yes, I am thinking about James Blunt’s recent enlightenments about ‘You’re Beautiful’, for those of you who believed it was a sweet song).

One of my favourite things about Morrissey’s lyrics in general, is just how clever and meaningful they are. My favourite bit in this particular song is the chorus where the woman asks the singer why he is alone (to paraphrase). Self-deprecation is something I can relate to from many different angles, and I can always find myself relating to Morrissey’s lyrics.

I also like the emphasis that is placed on how strong you have to be to be a kind person. Plenty of good people get trodden on and down beaten by those who don’t care for others feelings, and it is nice for them to be reminded that they have the high ground, even when they don’t feel like it. Morrissey is inspiring in all sorts of subtle ways, and that is one of the things I appreciate about him.

And how could I discuss the Smiths without mentioning the brilliance of Johnny Marr’s guitar playing?? Every note he plays just enhances the wonder of the lyrics and makes for a really enjoyable listening experience.

I’m sure I could go on and on about the Smiths and about Morrissey and Marr for days on end to be honest, but as I have learnt, everything has to end, and that’s okay.


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