Welcome to Oblivion – Madina Lake

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I love this song so much; it is my favourite Madina Lake song for so many reasons. Firstly, I just love the way that it sounds. Particularly the drumbeat, I think it is just awesome. It is one of those songs that I want to sing really loudly, and I often do!

But it is also a song that I like to listen to when I am really not feeling my best. First of all, there is nothing better than putting earphones in, turning up the volume and drowning out the sounds of the universe with a song you really love. But also, it captures a lot of the emotions that I have had cause to feel over the years, and it is cathartic to hear them being sung back to me. It helps me feel understood I guess.

I don’t deal well in crowds. There is something about being around so many people that really sets me on edge, and this song really helped me come to terms with that. I have had many doubts and worries and sleepless nights over things, and it can start to get to you. Especially when they come consecutively or you are on your own. And the more you think about it, the worse it gets. But this song is a way for me to get out of that vicious cycle and to clear the rubbish from my head.

And the lyrics are right. Having people that are like you is insanely helpful. Just knowing that other people can comprehend your struggles and sympathise is sometimes all it takes to get yourself out of the rut. But when it isn’t, they are still there to help and support you as best they can.

I think this applies to any number of problems. Songs can be discussing one topic in particular but the fields and ideas that they can be applied to is huge. Everyone struggles at times, it is a condition of human nature and especially in today’s fast-paced world. So many things happen and so many things are expected of people, it is natural that we won’t always be able to cope.

But remember to take some time out for you. Work, school, your social life, whatever it is they are all important in their own way, but the priority is your health. Looking after yourselves is the ultimate goal because then you are better equipped to deal with the next set of struggles that come around. Keep trying, and don’t give up, because we all have strengths that we never know we have until we are forced to use them. Believe in yourself and you’ll be amazed at what you can do!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Oblivion – Madina Lake

  1. This is an amazing write-up, really loved this one. I haven’t heard of Mandina Lake, but I feel that after this write-up I need to check it out. What are the songs that I should be listening to?


    1. Thank you very much! I really appreciate your feedback and I am glad that you like my post.

      Personally, apart from this song, I like Never Take Us Alive and House of Cards. But a lot of their stuff is really good!


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