I’ll Cover You – RENT

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In honour of Valentine’s Day (better late than never), I knew there was only one song that I could pick for this blog post. I’ll Cover You is another song from RENT which, as mentioned last week, is my favourite musical. But it is not just my favourite musical. It means a hell of a lot to me, and it is something which I am very protective about. I have got a lot of RENT-based memories, and all but one of them is positive. It is something that gives me great comfort when I am feeling down, and something that just increases how good I feel when I am happy.

Since I have been with my partner, this feeling has just increased even further. I was so worried about showing her it. She used to say that she doesn’t like musicals, but because she knew how much I loved it, she agreed to watch RENT with me. I’ll admit, the reaction was soooo much better than I anticipated! She loved it, and she felt almost as emotional as I did by the end of it. She even begun watching it repeatedly on a regular basis. I was ecstatic to be able to share one of the things that I loved beyond measure, with the person who I loved above anyone.

The best part was watching the scene where Angel and Collins sing I’ll Cover You together, and smiling unreservedly that I was in a relationship as loving as theirs. It has been a quiet aspiration of mine since I first watched it.

Now it is a song that we sing together pretty often (for anyone who is wondering, I sing Angel’s part) and it never fails to fill my heart with joy. It’s not just a song; it’s a promise. There will always be times when things get tough: but I know that my partner will always cover me, just as I will cover her.


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