Love Heals – Jonathan Larson

Link to song

This song is included on the album soundtrack to my favourite musical, RENT. The lyrics are simply beautiful, and the imagery is gorgeous. The harmonies are so well-performed and Larson is one of the greatest song writers that I have ever come across.

But more than that, I have found the messages within it to be true. Whenever I have problems within my own life, I am fortunate enough to have wonderful people to rely upon and give me the love that I need while I am unable to love myself.

I think that before I met my best friends and my partner, I was quite closed off from society. I struggled to put my faith into anything but my studies but they taught me that there are people that are worth trusting. They keep me afloat when I need help and I am ever so grateful to have them.

I have plenty of other things to keep me going when I get down, such as my studies and a sense of duty, but having those close to me gives me a better and more positive reason to keep trying.

Love heals in a way that few other things can. Love is the most important thing in my life, and as long as I have people to share it with, I can’t help but be happy.


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