Keep on Movin’ – Five

Link to song

Oh, this song holds an embarrassing, yet hilarious, memory. I think one of the things that makes this memory so cringeworthy for me is the juxtaposition of it with how I listened to it when I was little.

I was a 90’s kid, I was 5 years old when this song was popular and I loved Five. They were one of my favourite boybands and I had this album on tape (yes, tape). I would bop around the room, just happy to have such an upbeat rhythm to dance along to. And as I grew older, the song just sort of stayed with me, just like a lot of things from my childhood have.

Anyway, fast forward to my teenage years. One day, my mother must have heard me listening to it or something because she exclaimed how she remembered that song from when I was younger, and it quickly became one of the songs on our playlist of songs we would listen to together. One of the main times that we would listen to music together was when my stepdad was away for the weekend camping. These were our opportunities to listen to ‘rubbish’ music and mess about like we used to when I was little and it was just the two of us.

Thanks to the wonders of modern day technology, the medium through which we listened to our songs was through Virgin Media On Demand. Therefore, not only would we get the music, but also the various music videos to go along with it. This is where the trouble begins.

One weekend, when I was in my late teens, my mother and I decided to have a little drink together while we listened to our music and chatted and whatever else. It just so happened that my little drink managed to turn inexplicably into a big drink, namely a 75cl bottle of vodka sort of big drink. Now, I was under the impression that I could handle vodka. Turns out I was mistaken.

Before I continue with the story, I must point out a certain defect of the television that resided in our kitchen. Infrequently, apropos of nothing, the television would suddenly switch from full colour, to black and white. We never found the cause of it, and the duration that it lasted for could be anywhere from seconds to hours which was an endless annoyance.

I should also probably mention the fact that at the time this event happened, I had a slightly unhealthy obsession with Ritchie Neville’s piercing blue eyes. I’m sure you can hazard a guess at where this is going.

So, I was a little bit (okay, a lot-ta bit) drunk, but me and my mother were happy and everything was going very well. Until ‘Keep on Movin” started playing, and the television decided to have one of its moments seconds before there was to be a close up of Ritchie Neville’s face. At which point I shouted, ‘RITCHIE’S EYES!’ and attempted to dive for the remote on the kitchen table. Our very old kitchen table which proceeded to break in half under my weight. I’m not saying that it wasn’t hilarious, because it most certainly was, and nobody got injured. No harm was done to anyone or anything bar my dignity. I still decided to go and write a Facebook status about it though, so it can’t have been that much of a hit to my self-esteem! Rather like the fact that I am discussing it now…

Oh well! The table was replaced, my mother and I finally owned up to the real story after trying to con my stepdad about it when we got home, and I have learnt never to touch vodka again or to be so reckless and irresponsible. So all in all, I think this memory is a positive one! But as I’m sure you can imagine, the same can’t be said for the morning after…


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