I Know You Know Me – The Tease

Link to song

This song was introduced to me by a very special friend of mine a long time ago, when I was feeling incredibly down. I remember he said something along the lines of: ‘The ukulele is such a happy sounding instrument and so it might cheer you up’. Admittedly, the ukulele has been my favourite instrument ever since. But that’s beside the point. He was right. The song is filled with joy and optimism and it was exactly what I needed when I was feeling low.

It is one song that can always get me fired up when I’m feeling sluggish and fed up. It can brighten my day anytime and that is why it is so important. Not only does it remind me of that friend, but over the years I have come to associate it with lots of other significant people in my life. When I’m struggling to cope, it’s a song that reminds me that I have people to love and care for me, people that will support me through thick and thin, and I can be reminded how grateful I am to have them in my life. Sometimes this song is the catalyst I need to get me to take that first step and tell people that I’m not feeling great, and I think that that is amazing.

This blog post is about me telling you things about my life, but hopefully introducing things to yours as well. To encourage you to go out and find that song that makes you feel like a superhero, or to listen to mine while you’re searching.

Sometimes it is hard to ask for help, and you can’t be sure who will support you, but there WILL be someone. Listening to this song has shown me that time and time again. And hey, even if it doesn’t work out for you straight away, who could say no to the irresistible melody of the ukulele while you wait?


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