I’m On My Way – The Proclaimers

Link to song

Who could fail to love this song? The message works in my eyes; as soon as I hear those first couple of lines, ‘I’m on my way, from misery to happiness today’, my face lights up into a smile.

To be honest, the Scottish accents probably go a long way to helping cheer me up (it’s such a beautiful accent in my opinion!), but it’s also really upbeat and positive. Whilst they are singing about a particular person – something which I did not relate to when I first discovered the song – it is one of those songs that I found I could apply to many aspects of my life. It’s always nice to be hear that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve and that you can become a contented person.

But it also shows how important it is to view your goals and aspirations as a journey and a process. They say ‘I’m on my way’, not ‘I’m there already’. I agree that I may be reading too much into such lighthearted and fun lyrics, but the meaning I attached to the lyrics when I first heard them is the one that stays with me thereafter.

For such a simple song, it creates a lot of joy. In fact, when I’m listening to it, it feels a little like ‘I’m sitting on top of the world’…


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