Perfect – P!nk

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It took a long time for this song not to make me cry. All I wanted when I first heard it was to believe what she said. I wanted to believe that I was perfect as I was. I had grown up listening to, and admiring, Pink, identifying with her struggles and her inability to fit in. I liked feeling like someone out there could understand what I was going through.

But all of a sudden, it appeared that she had made it. She had got to where I envied to be: a state of self-acceptance. And for a while I was mad, I was 15, I was emotional and I was feeling incredibly hurt by life. I listened to the song on repeat and I asked myself over and over, ‘how did she do it? How did she learn to love herself? Why did she leave me and the millions and other vulnerable people out there to suffer alone?’.

It was only as I got older that I realised that I had missed the point (obviously). The song, the idolisation I felt when I listened to her music, that was all I needed to start boosting my self-confidence. Pink was sharing with us the proof that it could be done, that we were worth it in her eyes, and in the worlds’.

And that was when I stopped crying and started believing. From that moment, every time I feel down, I put that song on and I remind myself that I am strong and that I can fight back against the problems I am facing.

I still struggle sometimes, we all do, but I look back on those memories from 6 years ago and I smile. I smile because I am proud of the progress I have made, the relationships I have built and the self-image that I have nurtured; to the point where I can now look at myself and say ‘you are doing amazingly for yourself actually. You are beautiful and clever in your own way, and you have people who love you’.

And thanks to Pink, those ‘people’ include myself.


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