Ideology – Billy Bragg

Link to song This one's a special one. Firstly, because there is a big difference between ideology and reality a lot of the time. Ideologically, I would have enough time to spend a suitable proportion of each day dedicated to all of the commitments I have. Realistically, however, there are nowhere near enough hours in the day … Continue reading Ideology – Billy Bragg


It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

Link to song I feel like this song is particularly apt for me at the moment, because I had a piece of misfortune yesterday that kind of ruined my work ethic and demotivated me massively. In my spare time, I do freelance work for Rowanvale Publishers. I have spent hours meticulously editing a piece of … Continue reading It’s Time – Imagine Dragons


My apologies for not posting a blog yesterday, but I have been having a brief sojourn in hospital and was unable to write a post. I am hoping to be back and writing for next Wednesday! Have a fantastic week everybody!